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The teacher

Christopher Lawson will devise, develop and teach all ESP courses, with assistance from Romanian specialist teachers if required. Chris has a B.A. (Honours) degree in Modern Languages (University of Exeter), a Postgraduate Certificate in Education (TESOL) with distinction and an M.A. in Applied Linguistics from the University of London Institute of Education. 

He has qualified teacher status in the United Kingdom and has taught at universities in Romania, Belgium and Denmark. Former students have included engineers, medical doctors, apprentices, French- and Portuguese-speaking African diplomats, EU personnel, trade union officers, bankers, the assistant manager of a shopping mall, a theatre director and a trawler captain. 

The courses

Example of a 30-hour tailored English for Specific Purposes (ESP) course

Like all ESP courses, each unit will include reading comprehension and vocabulary exercises, plus a general English/social English component

English for accountants

1. Fundamentals of accounting

          - What is accounting?
          - The accounting equation

2. Cost and management accounting

          - Overheads and their recover
          - The proper place of costs

 3. Auditing

          - The auditing framework
          - Clarifying the obligations of auditing

4. Tax accounting

          - Methods of depreciation
          - A tax Bill which promotes takeovers?

5. Financial statements and ratios

          - Acounting policies
          - Ratio analysis

6. Off balance sheet accounting

          - Cleaning up the balance sheet
          - Laying the balance sheet bare

7. Sources and applications of funds

          - Funds, inflow and outflow
          - Preparing a funds statement

8. Acquisition acounting

          - Interests in another company
          - Honeymoon accounting

9.Comparative accounting

          - The value of brands
          - Two sets of accounts

10. Accountancy in the future

          - Product-based costing
          - From information processing to accounting systems

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